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Class Warfare

Class Warfare is a photographic depiction showing the class warfare of society. The photography provides a visual narrative of the social and monetary inequality experienced by American citizens. These images portray the emotion of children, adults, veterans, and the elderly dealing with, hunger, homelessness, and unemployment amidst the affluent backdrop. Photos are in both color and black & white, symbolizing the contrast between individuals who obtain personal power and wealth and those citizens who remain at lower strata of social mobility. These photos were all taken within a 5 mile radius of the most elite University in the United States, Harvard University. Purchase of this book can be made at

CVB Program Overview

In EPS we obtained program information, and produced program overviews that were both appealing and informative. This overview was for the introduction of CVB, a new interactive Vocabulary Building learning tool for young students in the education industry.
Catalog Spred 1
The internal components of the 120-page catalog for 3-4 years was a revolving project. Each year, EPS produced a spring and fall catalog. Designs were collaborated within the entire marketing team. The catalog was a primary sales tool, responsible for a large portion of revenue. Design included 12-14 sections and a firm understanding of the programs as well as the key components to showcase. This included information graphic components within the catalog sections for a customer to easily understand each program and its features.
Catalog TOC

Another example of information graphics involved in the Catalog design was used in the Table of Contents. This was designed for a customer to easily search for key features and find the right program with the features.

Summer House Menu

The Summer House is an elegant, daily interchangeable menu. This menu has small photos of different times of the day in which the sun is seen from the tiny island restaurant.

Mariah Carey Magazine

Mariah Carey had a large article written about her in regards to her Amazing Comeback. This article was about her life and the twists and turns she had made throughout her career. The article was designed to show the sensual and playfulness of Mariah Carey and her music. This was done with contrasting colors, fonts, and photos of the famous musical artist.