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Adobe Compass Packaging

The Adobe Compass is a marketing concept for Adobe Creative Suite 3. This concept’s aim was to illustrate the importance of Adobe Suite for computer designers. Much like an actual compass which provides the user with accurate bearings, the Adobe Compass concept attempts to define the Adobe products as a necessary tool for the journey of design creation. The Adobe Compass tagline “Where can Adobe Compass take you?” emphasizes the different destination of design each Adobe creative product offers.

Ooh La Spa Packaging

Ooh La Spa is a children’s bath product. The spa kit includes several pieces for children to enjoy bath time. The logo was developed with bubbly fun letters while the colors selected are primary and secondary. Each product is packaged within the primary package, each custom designed to fit the product.

Four Roses Packaging Concept

The Four Roses whiskey has only recently become available in the USA after many years of being away. Once a product that stood out over its competitors, the product now needs a reintroduction. This introduction included a logo redesign, advertising campaign, and the label redesign. The entire rebrand was designed to attract the younger generations of consumers, and still maintaining the quality of the brand has proudly held onto for so many years. See the branding page for further samples of the product design.

Nelia Packaging

The brand development includes not only an in-depth branding concept, this concept is carried through in an entire Marketing Plan. In addition, each component of the brand has been carefully designed in detail with the product and brand concept. To find out more about the entire marketing plan, see the branding page.

Bottles are specially crafted for Nélia. They are made to twist up from the bottom to contain the magical properties Nélia captures from the nectar. To maintain the quality of the beverage, labels are kept minimal and colorful set to the logo of the flavor. Caps are also maintained with the color of the flavor, but the logos on the top of all caps are of Nélia. These bottles are not to be completely covered by labels, as this will negate the magic made with the bottles and containing the nectar.

Nelia Illustrtions


The illustrations are designed to be a simple vector art within the circle situated behind the waning moon illustration. They are always white with the background showing the color of the flavor in the bottles. Illustrations include Aquila, Zeus’ pet eagle, and cupbearer to the gods. Cygnus is a swan known for its travels throughout the ocean in search for Phaethon. Finally there is Hydra. Hydra was known for his brutal trials upon Hercules. When the illustration is not inside the circle the typeface sits in the center, as no one is sure what Nélia looks like. Her name is her only depiction, sitting over the crest of the moon, and centered within the circle. The illustrations are depicted within the circle. Then the typeface with the name of the flavor is situated below the logo.


Packaging for the personal 3 pack is thoroughly thought out as well. This package houses all 3 flavors. And has a magnet flap closure. This magnet is made with magical properties containing the nectar Nélia obtains. The package is black and triangular shaped. There are 3 panels; each panel has a brief history on the flavors in the box, complemented by the branding for each flavor. The package branding is that of the labels on the bottle, in shape and design. At the top of the box, there will be the Nélia logo.


Silk Packaging

Silk Expressions is an adult bath kit. This kit was designed with flower as the primary focus of the product. Each scent has a carefully illustrated flower shown throughout the packaging. This includes the bag, custom designed box, and label designs.