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Oral-B Advertising

Oral-B is an advertising campaign centered on enhanced photography. This piece primarily includes two elements, a mint leaf and the floss wrapped around the mint. The mint is displayed moist, illustrating fresh minty taste. The photograph was taken on a blue background to indicate a clean, fresh feeling when using the floss. The campaign involved a series of 3 ads environmental centered in Harvard Square.

Adobe CS Magazine Ads

The Adobe Compass is a marketing concept for Adobe Creative Suite 3. This concept’s aim was to illustrate the importance of Adobe Suite for computer designers. Much like an actual compass which provides the user with accurate bearings, the Adobe Compass concept attempts to define the Adobe products as a necessary tool for the journey of design creation.  The Adobe Compass tagline “Where can Adobe Compass take you?” emphasizes the different destination of design each Adobe creative product offers.


The Lupus campaign was part of a project centered on the Annual Lupus Walk in Boston. This design concept integrated various paths of the event with the Lupus Foundation’s brand colors in order to demonstrate Boston’s support for this event. This concept was executed with actual photography of city pathways and computer aided design elements.


Struggling with diminishing numbers due to the dramatic change in Cambridge, Massachusetts demographics, the East Cambridge Little Baseball League (ECLBL) requested assistance in attracting additional children for their league. Braga Designs establish an entire re-branding strategy which included a new logo design, website elements, and advertisements for email, social media, and direct mail. Additionally, Braga Designs created a fundraising event which included design materials, strategy, and execution which enabled ECLBL to raise over 10k for their non-profit organization.